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Signature of a simplified joint venture agreement between Copernilabs and InMotion GmbH

Paris, July 8, 2024,

Copernilabs and InMotion GmbH proudly announce the signing of a simplified joint venture agreement to strengthen their collaboration in the field of physical security and artificial intelligence.

Specialized in applied artificial intelligence research and cutting-edge technologies, Copernilabs is partnering with InMotion GmbH, an innovative company offering integrated solutions for the security industry, to create a strategic alliance to leverage their respective expertise.

This collaboration aims to develop business and technological initiatives tailored to specific projects, assessing mutual interest with the goal of strengthening their position in the security/defense and surveillance market.

Latest Updates from Eurosatory,

EBT Co., Ltd and Copernilabs Partnership

Our participation at Eurosatory concluded with the signing of an MOU with EBT Co., Ltd, a leading Korean specialist in electronic and biological warfare.

This milestone signifies a new chapter for both companies, committed to joint development in commercial and technological realms.

Additionally, numerous official delegations from various countries expressed keen interest in the ThuliumX technology.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Discover ThuliumX our-next generation multi-sensor and predictive algorithmic monitoring platform. 

 » With ThuliumX, we make algorithmic monitoring accessible and affordable « .

ThuliumX Platform Applications

Surveillance of Critical Infrastructures and Sensitive Sites :


Early detection of threats.

Improved accuracy and reliability of information.

Reduction of false positives/negatives through comprehensive vision.

Optimization of resources and faster decision-making.

Securing Data and Infrastructures in a complex environment :


Proactive detection of cyber threats.

Real-time monitoring of suspicious activities.

Strengthening resilience against attacks.

Protection of sensitive data.

Prevention of cyber-attacks and intrusions.

Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities.

Securing sensitive data.

Conducting Modern Military Operations :


Increased situational awareness.

Faster and informed decision-making.

Dynamic adaptation to changes in the field.

Better coordination of forces.



Explore a universe of possibilities with our New Space AI. Transforming challenges into opportunities, our AI revolutionizes mission planning, optimizes resource use, and fuels innovation in the space sector. With advanced forecasting, instant adaptability, and efficient exploration, our Space AI propels humanity toward limitless discoveries and achievements in the celestial future.

AI in Defense and Security, explored by Copernilabs, is revolutionizing global security by offering innovative solutions. From operations management to strategic planning, AI is impacting the military, law enforcement, and intelligence services.

In a competitive landscape where trust, data quality and flexibility are essential, Copernilabs is your expert partner in multi-source AI.

With our expertise in NewSpace and our advanced AI solutions, we are transforming the way public organizations use artificial intelligence to make informed decisions and act optimally.



Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly crucial role in the NewSpace sector, offering significant benefits in terms of economic profitability and efficiency. Here are concrete use cases of AI in NewSpace, with the perspective of Copernilabs, a major player in AI-powered data fusion.

Space Exploration and Exploitation

Space Exploration and Exploitation

AI-Powered Disaster Management

AI-Powered Disaster Management

Space Communications Security

Space Communications Security

Land Infrastructure proactive maintenance

Land Infrastructure proactive maintenance

Optimizing Data Collection Operations

Optimizing Data Collection Operations




Copernilabs stands out for its ability to aggregate, analyze and derive
actionable insights from multiple data sources, even those which are
often overlooked. This expertise allows to offer its clients an
holistic view of their environment, which is essential for making informed decisions.


We identify AI and data needs, gaps and opportunities. We guide you to adopt the best AI strategies and appropriate technologies.

Benefit from a recognized IA label

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in various sectors requires a guarantee of quality, robustness and ethics. Copernilabs, a recognized player in the field of NewSpace, offers a certification and labeling for AI solutions, thus ensuring their compliance with the strictest standards.



Our advanced technology solutions are designed for advanced analysis and processing of multi-source data, enabling more informed decision-making and optimal actions.

We are more than a technology solutions provider. We are your partner in creating a seamless synergy between cutting-edge innovation and your unique vision. 

Together, let’s explore the boundless possibilities of NewSpace with integrity, innovation and a shared commitment to a sustainable cosmic legacy

Our expertise IN New space

Goes beyond delivering advanced technologies; we are committed to guiding you through a transformative journey.

Our commitment

Extends beyond technological prowess. We believe in an ethical and holistic approach to NewSpace ventures. Navigating the world of space activities responsibly is not just a goal, it’s part of our philosophy.


By harnessing the capabilities of AI, Copernilabs empowers organizations to not only interpret spatial data but also to innovate and develop applications that address complex challenges across various industries. Our commitment lies in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, creating a future where AI-driven spatial insights drive meaningful and positive change.


By deploying AI algorithms on spatial data, Copernilabs enables predictive asset management. This allows organizations to anticipate maintenance needs, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall operational efficiency in fields such as satellite infrastructure and space-based technologies.

Precision Agriculture

Copernilabs employs AI to analyze spatial data for precision agriculture applications. By integrating satellite imagery and ground-level data, our solutions provide farmers with insights on crop health, optimal planting times, and resource allocation, leading to increased agricultural productivity.

Urban Planning and Infrastructure Optimization

Our AI algorithms analyze spatial data to aid in urban planning and infrastructure development. By understanding population density, traffic patterns, and environmental factors, Copernilabs assists in optimizing city layouts, transportation networks, and sustainable development initiatives.

Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

Copernilabs contributes to environmental efforts by utilizing AI to analyze spatial data for real-time monitoring of ecosystems. This includes tracking deforestation, monitoring wildlife habitats, and assessing the impact of climate change, providing valuable insights for conservation and sustainable resource management.

Disaster Response and Recovery

In times of crisis, Copernilabs AI-driven applications analyze spatial data to support disaster response and recovery efforts. From assessing damage to predicting the spread of natural disasters, our solutions enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response teams.


In the dynamic realm of New Space, ThuliumX stands as the unparalleled platform, uniquely equipped to seamlessly merge diverse data types. From satellite and drone imagery to radar, AIS, RF, cameras, radiant sensors, and Lydar, ThuliumX is the singular nexus where multifaceted data converges for tailored solutions.

ThuliumX: The Pinnacle of Data Fusion
and Customized Solutions

In the era of New Space exploration, ThuliumX stands as the epitome of innovation, security, and customization. 

Experience the future of AI-powered data fusion, where the convergence of diverse data types not only transforms possibilities but also ensures the security and customization essential for success in the New Space frontier.

By fusing and analyzing diverse data sets, ThuliumX equips decision-makers with the insights needed for strategic, informed choices. From satellite missions to drone deployments, our platform amplifies the decision-making process.

Data Fusion Mastery

ThuliumX excels in the intricate art of merging diverse data types
seamlessly to provide a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of the New Space landscape.

Data Security Excellence

Our platform places a premium on data security. ThuliumX employs cutting-edge encryption and authentication protocols, safeguarding your data against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Customization Beyond Limits

ThuliumX offers unparalleled customization, allowing you to tailor solutions to your precise needs. This flexibility ensures that your New Space ventures are not only powered by AI but are also uniquely crafted to address specific challenges.

Differentiation through Data Security and Customization

We are committed to a rigorous ethical approach, focused on transparency and data security. Complying with current regulations, we offer you total peace of mind.

Data Security

ThuliumX goes beyond conventional capabilities by prioritizing the fortification of your data. Our platform employs state-of-the-art security, measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable information. Trust ThuliumX for a robust defense against cyber threats in the New Space landscape.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing the unique demands of New Space endeavors, ThuliumX empowers users with unprecedented customization. Tailor your solutions to exact specifications, extracting the maximum value from diverse data sets. Whether optimizing satellite communication networks or enhancing drone surveillance capabilities, ThuliumX adapts to your vision.


Collaborative solution-building with clients to tailor to their needs.


Independence from major groups and organizations, ensuring client confidentiality and professional secrecy.

Merge Diverse Data

In the world of NewSpace, the fusion of diverse data is the epicentre of innovation. ThuliumX stands out by orchestrating an unprecedented convergence of data
from diverse sources such as satellite, drone, radar, AIS, RF, camera, radiant, and Lydar. This revolutionary fusion operated by ThuliumX is creating major changes in
the NewSpace industry in several crucial ways.


Unlocking unprecedented possibilities is becoming a reality thanks to ThuliumX revolutionary fusion of heterogeneous data. This unprecedented convergence not only offers a complete vision but also catalyses customised innovations, propelling the NewSpace industry towards unexplored horizons.